What are extensions?

Extensions are additional software packages which add specialized tools and functionality to RoboFont. They are an essential part of the RoboFont toolkit.

Technically speaking, a RoboFont extension is a Mac OS X package with a .roboFontExt file extension, built according to the Extensions File Specification.

Installing an extension is as easy as double-clicking a file. Once installed, extensions integrate seamlessly into the RoboFont interface, adding themselves to existing menus or toolbars.

Why extensions?

RoboFont does not try to do everything a font editor could do. We think this approach is problematic and leads to:

  • rigid tools, which force users to doing things one way
  • cluttered interface, with too many options which confuse users
  • bloated, monolithic software which is harder to maintain

RoboFont takes a modular approach: it aims at being a solid and extensible core application, which provides all the basic functionality required for type design and font production work, while also serving as a foundation on top of which others can build their own specialized tools.

Extensions provide users with options. Instead of a having a single tool which solves it all, RoboFont users have access to an infra-structure which enables an ecosystem of specialized tools, built by multiple developers with different needs and different ideas.

Last edited on 08/03/2018