A dedicated window for building and editing RoboFont Extensions.


title description
Plugin Name Name of the extension
Plugin Icon The file can have a custom icon, if set.
Version Version of the extension.
Developer Developer of the extension.
Developer’s URL Developer URL of the extension.
HTML help root Root folder where the HTML help can be found. An index.html file is required.
Resources root Root folder where all the resources can be found. Resources are all necessary files except Python files.
Script Root

Root folder where all the necessary Python files can be found.

Launch during start up
A bool indicating that a script should be executed during RoboFont start up. Use the list to select the script.
Add Script to main menu
Select which scripts should be added to the Extensions menu item. Additionally, a nice name and shortcut can be set for each Python file in the script root.
Requires RoboFont The minimum required version of RoboFont.


title description
Build Build the extension in a given folder.
Import Import data from an existing extension.
Clear Empty all fields in the Extension Builder.
Close Close the Extension Builder.
Last edited on 09/12/2017