Some useful modules

  • Pillow
  • grapefruit

Installing modules

Installing modules with pip

pip install markdown

Installing modules with setup scripts

Installing modules manually using .pth files

Create a simple text file in a code editor, containing the path to the root folder where the module lives.

The easiest way to get the correct path is by dragging the folder from Finder into a code editor or Terminal – so you’ll get the path without having to type it.

Save this file with the name of the module and the extension .pth in the site-packages folder for the desired Python(s). For example:


And that’s it.

This method creates a reference to the folder in which the module lives.

Testing a module

To see if a module is installed, just try to import it in the environment you wish to work in:

import myModule

If no error is raised, you’re good to go.

  • include other useful external packages
  • expand installation instructions
  • inlude markdown, grapefruit, etc. examples?
Last edited on 29/07/2019