The UFO font editor.

RoboFont is a UFO-based font editor for macOS.

Written from scratch in Python with scalability in mind, allowing full scripting access to objects and interface.

A fully featured font editor with all the basic tools required for drawing and editing typefaces.

A platform for building your own tools and extensions, and much more…!

The tools you choose influence your creative process.

Technical specifications

  • requires macOS 10.9 or higher
  • uses UFO3 as native font format
  • supports Python 3.6.4 out-of-the box

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Educational licenses

Teachers can request a free 1-year trial license for their students, or subscribe to the Student License Service.

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Open-source extensions

Dozens of open-source extensions by multiple developers are available on GitHub and via Mechanic.

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Commercial Extensions

Several other extensions by certified developers are available for a fee in the Extension Store.

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Last edited on 05/07/2018