The process of publishing an extension on Mechanic 2 is all done using Git and GitHub.

In Mechanic 2, extension metadata is stored centrally in the Mechanic 2 server.

The server contains a folder named _data where metadata files for single extensions are stored. Extensions are published by adding new files to this folder.

In the first version of Mechanic, extension metadata was stored locally (inside each extension) in the extension’s info.plist file – using the custom key com.robofontmechanic.mechanic. This custom key is now deprecated and can be deleted – see the updated Extension File Specification.

Extension metadata file

Before you can publish your extension in Mechanic 2, you’ll first need to create an extension metadata file for it. See Extension Item Format for details.

Publishing your extension

A GitHub account is required in order to fork, modify and submit changes back to the main repository.

  1. Fork the Mechanic 2 server repository.
  2. Add an <extensionName>.yml file to the _data folder.
  3. Make a pull request, and wait until it is approved by one of the admins.

After the changes are merged, your extension will appear on the Mechanic 2 website and will become available to users of the Mechanic 2 extension.

Last edited on 01/09/2021