makeotf(outputPath, outlineSourcePath=None, featuresPath=None, glyphOrderPath=None, menuNamePath=None, fontInfoPath=None, releaseMode=False, turnOnSubroutinization=False, omitNotMentionedGlyphs=False, omitMacNames=False)

Run makeotf with the following options:

  • outputPath
  • outlineSourcePath
  • featuresPath
  • glyphOrderPath
  • menuNamePath
  • fontInfoPath
  • releaseMode
  • turnOnSubroutinization
  • omitNotMentionedGlyphs
  • omitMacNames

checkOutlines(fontPath, removeOverlap=True, correctContourDirection=True)

Run FDK checkoutlines with the following options:

  • fontPath
  • removeOverlap
  • correctContourDirection

otf2pfa(sourcePath, destinationPath)

Convert otf font to pfa.

otf2svg(sourcePath, destinationPath)

Convert otf to svg font.


Autohint a PostScript-flavored font.


Return a bool indicating if ttfautohint is installed.

ttfautohint(fontPath, outputPath=None, isSymbolFont=False)

Use the locally installed ttfautohint (if available) to autohint a ttf file.

stemhist(fontPath, useCurves=True, blueZones=False, glyphs=None)

Run FDK stemhist on a binary font. See the stemhist help for details. Output is saved in a file next to the fontPath.

executeCommand(command, shell=False)

Execute commands in the Terminal. A command must be a list of arguments. Optionally, execute in the shell instead of inside RoboFont.

Last edited on 24/05/2024