installNeededPackages(extensionName, packages)

Install packages needed by an extension. Extensions do not need to test if a package is installed before asking this function to install it. This function will check to see if the package is installed and only do the installation if it is not.


  • extensionName A string representing the extension name.
  • packages A list of package dictionaries.

Package dictionary structure:

    # The name of the package on PIP.
    # Required.
    packageName : "packagename",

    # The name of the mudule to be used during import.
    # This is only needed if the module name is different
    # from the package name. For example: pillow and PIL.
    importName : "name",

    # Optional arguments to be added to the standard
    # ["install", "--upgrade", "--target", applicationRootPath, packageName]
    pipArgs : []
Last edited on 12/07/2024