Guidelines are moveable lines which can be used as visual aids during the design process. They are defined by a point and an angle, and are not part of the glyph’s contours.

Guidelines can be of two kinds:

font-level (global)
displayed in all glyphs
glyph-level (local)
displayed in one glyph only

Each guideline may also have a color attribute and a unique identifier.

Adding guidelines

To create a new guideline, right-click on the Glyph View and select “Add Local Guideline” from the contextual menu.

Or use the Click + add guidelines hot key (default is G) to create a new guideline.

Removing guidelines

To remove a guideline, click and drag it outside the Glyph View. You’ll see a X appearing near the cursor.

Editing guides

Guidelines can be edited with the Guidelines Sheet or the Guidelines Inspector.


action description
Click + add guidelines hot key (default is G) Add a guideline
Click + ⌥ + add guidelines hot key (default is G) Add a global guideline
Click + ⇧ + add guidelines hot key (default is G) Add a guideline following the italic angle (if set in the current font)
Double-click on a guide Open the Guidelines Sheet
Drag out of the view Delete the guideline
⌥ + drag Rotate the guideline
Mouse over Cursor displays guideline values
Drag over point in glyph Snap the guideline to a point

Guidelines popover

All guideline properties can be edited with a Guidelines popover, which can be opened by double clicking on a guideline using the Editing Tool.

option description
Name The name of the guideline. (optional)
Position The guideline’s center point as a (x,y) coordinate
Angle The angle of the guideline
Color The color of the guideline
Is Global Make the guideline global (font-level) or local (only this glyph)
Show Measurements Show measurements where the guideline interesects the glyph
Locked Locks this guideline
Magnetic Determine how fast a dragged selection should snap to the guideline

Contextual menu

Some global guidelines properties can be edited from the Glyph View contextual menu (right-click on the Glyph View)

option description
Add Guideline Add a glyph guideline
Remove Guidelines Remove all glyph guidelines
Slice Glyph with Guideline Every contour intersecting the guideline will be sliced

Guidelines inspector

The Guidelines section of the Inspector can also be used to edit the guideline’s attributes, including its color.

Last edited on 01/09/2021