The Misc section of the Preferences collects various settings which are not bound to a specific window or task.

option description
Single Window mode Switch between Single Window and Multi-Window modes. see Window Modes
Appearence Set the appearance for the application. Three possible options: follow the system setting, Light, Dark.
Maximum Tools in Toolbar Set the maximum number of tools which can be displayed in the Glyph Editor’s toolbar.
Mark Colors Manage mark colors and their labels. Use the +/- buttons to add/remove colors. Double-click a color or a color name to edit it.
Test Install Options Choose if Autohint and Remove Overlap should be performed when running Test Install.
Test Install Format Choose the font format for Test Install: OpenType CFF (.otf) or OpenType TrueType (.ttf).
Save FDK parts next to UFO Save all files used by AFDKO’s makeotf program next the UFO, so they can be inspected afterwards.
Auto save Automatically save a copy of the font every 10 minutes in the chosen directory.
Automatically Check for updates Automatically check for RoboFont updates during start up.
Warn when leaving RoboFont with unsaved fonts Make the RoboFont icon jump in the macOS dock when RoboFont becomes inactive and there are unsaved changes in open files.
Reset all dialog warnings Reset all Don’t ask again dialogs.
Last edited on 01/09/2021