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This tutorial explains how to create large fonts which support many languages and writing systems.

Character set

Language support

  • unicode codepages do not map to individual languages
  • there are multiple sources of information about characters and languages

Multilingual typography goes beyond simple character support – it also covers typographic conventions such as the shape of diacritics (for example in Czech, Slovak, Polish), the white space around punctuation (French), preferences for certain glyph shapes (different styles of quotes in English vs. in French, German; shape of Eng in African languages vs. in Saami; etc), and so on.

Glyph names and encoding

  • glyph names & unicodes for non-latin

Font info

Coverage metadata

  • unicode range / supported languages

Providing localized font names

  • name table with font info in multiple languages


Space Center

  • non-latin UFO preview in Space Center

Proofing generated fonts

  • html proofs: assign language tags
Last edited on 01/09/2021