RoboFont is built on top of several font-related Python libraries which are embedded in the application and can also be used in your scripts.

This page contains a list of all third-party Python libraries embedded in RoboFont, with a short description of what each library can do and link to the source code.

Version info
For information about which version of each library is embedded in the current version of RoboFont, see the Technical Specifications.
Overriding embedded modules
If necessary, it is possible to use a different version of an embedded library – for example the latest development version, or a private fork.
Standard Python modules
All standard Python modules are also available in RoboFont.
Installed modules
Locally installed third-party packages, such as External modules or your own Custom modules, are accessible in RoboFont too. Make sure to install them for the same version of Python as the one embedded in RoboFont. See also the Package Installer for installing external modules in RoboFont using pipA package installer for Python. It can be used to install packages from the Python Package Index (PyPI) and other indexes..

performing boolean operations on bezier paths
a basic layout engine for testing OpenType features
converting from cubic to quadratic bezier curves in UFO fonts
provides UFO based objects for use in font editing applications
building blocks for creating UIs for font editing applications
creating simple modal UIs that work across different font editors
extracting data from binary fonts into UFO objects
writing OpenType features dynamically
fontMake added in RF 3.3
compiling binary fonts (OpenType, TrueType) from sources
fast interpolation of glyphs, fonts and other kinds of font data
a collection of classes implementing the pen protocol
manipulating binary fonts (OpenType, TrueType, etc)
building glyphs from other glyphs
generating glyph name lists from unicode data
markdown added in RF 3.3
generating HTML from markdown sources
piecewise linear interpolation in multiple dimensions
normalizing XML and other data inside UFOs
generating OTFs from UFOs with the AFDKO
converting UFOs to SVG fonts
generating instances from UFO sources and designspace
a toolkit for creating windows, dialogs and other native macOS UI elements
woffTools removed in RF 3.4
verifying and examining WOFF files
Last edited on 01/09/2021