The Features Editor is a simple code editor for writing OpenType features using the AFDKO feature syntax.

If you kern using Kern Center or MetricsMachine, the kerning data is stored in the font’s kerning dictionary, and will be converted automatically into kern feature when the font is generated.

If a kern feature is defined in the features, it will override the font’s kerning dictionary.

See Tal Leming’s OpenType Cookbook for a designer-friendly introduction to developing OpenType features.

Linking to external feature files

The Features Editor supports linking to external .fea files using the include statement:


The editor also supports drag-and-drop of .fea files. The dropped file is inserted as a link to the external .fea path.

Editing stand-alone feature files

RoboFont supports .fea as a native file format. Double-clicking a .fea file will open it in a separate Feature Editor which is not connected to any UFO.

title description
Insert In Fonts Open a sheet to add the features to the selected fonts.
Save Save the feature file.
Reload Reload the feature file from disk.

Features menu

More options related to Features are available from the main application menu, under File > Features.

title description
New Feature Create a new feature document, disconnected from any UFO file. It will be saved as a .fea file.
Export Feature Export the features from the current font to a .fea file.
Last edited on 01/09/2021