The Glyph View section contains settings to customize the appearance of the Glyph Editor and its behavior while editing glyphs.


The Display tab collects settings for various values and options.


option description
Artboard Width Width of the artboard.
Artboard Height Height of the artboard.
Oncurve Size Size of the on-curve points.
Offcurve Size Size of the off-curve points.
Grid X Width of the grid units.
Grid Y Height of the grid units.
Snap Points To

Snap all points to a multiple of this value while editing.

If you set this value to 0 (zero), point coordinates will be floating points.

If you set this value to 5, all point coordinates will be multiples of 5.

Outline Errors Display an Outline Error if the difference between the segment’s starting and end points is smaller then this value.
Selection Stroke Width

Stroke width of selected paths.

If this value is 0 (zero), the selection path will be drawn without anti-alias.

⇧ Increment The increment when using Shift down.
⌘ ⇧ Increment The increment when using Command + Shift down.
Info Text Size Font size of text items.
Large Info Text Size Font size of large text items.
Draw With The default drawing curve type when opening a new document. It can be either Cubic Beziers (PostScript) or Quadratic Beziers (TrueType).
Next Glyph The list used when hitting Next Glyph or Previous Glyph. It can be either the “From Selected Set” or “From ‘All Glyphs’ set”.
Preserve Curve on Deleting Point If a point is deleted, this value decides if the curve should be preserved or not.
Display Italic Angle Use the Italic Angle in the Glyph View and Space Center.
Slant Point Coordinates Slant all point coordinates. This is only a display option – points will be stored in the UFO as absolute point coordinates.
Offset Point Coordinates Offset all point coordinates with the Italic Slant Offset setting in the font info.
Draw Dragging Cross Lines Display the dragging cross line while dragging objects in the Glyph View.
Draw Coordinates Background Color Draw a darker color in the back of the point coordinates.
Measurement Show Glyph Metrics Use glyph metrics during measuring. (left and right margins)
Use ⇧ 45° constrain Enable using the 45° constrain while dragging with Shift pressed.
Measurement Show Font Metrics Use font metrics during measuring (descender, baseline, x height, ascender, cap height).
Contours can close by dragging An open contour can close while dragging the first or last point on the first or last point.
Contour Closing Snap Distance The snap distance used to snap the first or last point while closing an open contour.
Draw Strokes Using Antialias Use anti-alias to draw strokes. This is an option for Retina displays where the device pixel is rather small.
Transform Box with Off Curves The transform box will enclose all off-curve points.
Snap Off Curves to guides Snap off curves while dragging to guidelines.
Undo Levels Set the number of undo levels, use 0, zero for no limit.


The Appearance tab collects settings for various light mode and dark mode colors used in the Glyph View.

To edit a color, double click on a color cell to open a color picker.

Hot Keys

The Hot Keys tab contains a table to create and configure custom keyboard shortcuts. The list excludes the menu items alternates. For example, “Copy” is listed, but “Copy as component” and “Copy Layer” are not listed. The alternates are automatically mapped to the original shortcut plus their modifier keys.

Glyph Editor interactive tools (like the Editing tool) are automatically mapped to number 1 to 4. The Hot Keys tab allows you to map the tools to other keys too.

Application Menu

Last edited on 01/09/2021