Adding glyphs

Using the Add Glyphs sheet

Use the Add Glyphs sheet to create new glyphs manually from a list of glyph names. A basic syntax for building glyphs from components is supported.

Using the Glyph Construction extension

The Glyph Construction extension provides a more powerful language for describing how glyph shapes are built. It is specially useful for creating accented glyphs.

Removing glyphs

  1. select the glyphs to be removed in the Font Overview
  2. press the backspace key

When a glyph is deleted from the font, it is also automatically removed from font.glyphOrder.

Depending on your settings in Font Overview Preferences, deleted glyphs will also be removed from groups and/or kerning pairs.

  • This setting is applied only when deleting glyphs manually in the Font Overview.
  • The UFO3 specification allows groups, kerning and components to reference glyphs which are not in the font.

Deleted glyphs are not removed automatically from OpenType features. If a deleted glyph appears in the features, you’ll need to remove it manually.

If the OpenType compiler encounters a glyph which is not in the font, it will raise an error and the font will not be generated.

Removing template glyphs

Use ⌥ + backspace in the Font Overview to remove template glyphs from the font.

Completely remove a glyph

Use ⌃ + ⌥ + backspace to completely remove a glyph from a UFO including layers, kerning and groups.

Last edited on 01/09/2021